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An Li

An Li


Environmtl & Occuptnl Hlth Sci

304 SPHW
2121 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

Ph.D., U of Wisconsin Madison, 1993
     Environmental Chemistry
M.S., Utah State Univ, 1988
     Environment Engineering

Research Interests

Environmental organic chemistry: analyses of semivolatile organic pollutant chemicals, transport and transformation of organic compounds in natural and engineered environment, human exposure to toxic chemicals.

Teaching Interests

Chemistry for Environmental Professionals (EOHS440/CME411), Water Chemistry (EOHS542/CME524), Environmental Organic Chemistry (EOHS543/CME523)


Erik R. Christensen and An Li. Physical and Chemical Processes in Aquatic Systems. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN 978-1-118-11176-5. Sept. 2014. (http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118111761.html)

Jiehong Guo, Da Chen*, Dave Potter, Karl J. Rockne, Neil C. Sturchio, John P. Giesy, An Li*. Polyhalogenated Carbazoles in Sediments of Lake Michigan - A New Discovery. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (21), 12807-12815. 2014.

Jiehong Guo; Zhuona Li, Andy L Sandy, An Li*. Method Development for Simultaneous Analyses of Multiple Legacy and Emerging Organic Chemicals in Sediments. Journal of Chromatography A. 1370, 1-8. 2014.

Hua Wei, Siyu Zhang, Yawei Wang, Ying Wang, An Li*, Adam Negrusz, Gang Yu. Dependence of Mass Spectrometric Fragmentation on the Bromine Substitution Pattern of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 25(6), 1058-1067. 2014.

Garry Codling, Anja Vogt, Paul D. Jones, Tieyu Wang, Pei Wang, Y.-L. Lu, Margaret Corcoran, Solidea Bonina, An Li, Neil C. Sturchio, Karl J. Rockne, Kyunghee Ji, Jong-Seong Khim, Jonathan E. Naile, John P. Giesy. Historical trends of inorganic and organic fluorine in sediments of Lake Michigan. Chemosphere, 114, 203-209. 2014

Yan Gao; Jianjie Fu; Lixi Zeng; An Li; Huijuan Li; Nali Zhu; Runzeng Liu; Aifeng Liu; Yawei Wang*, Guibin Jiang. Occurrence and fate of Perfluorinated Compounds in marine sediments from the Chinese Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, and East China Sea. Environmental Pollution. 194, 60-68, 2014.

An Li. Predicting Cosolvency for Pharmaceutical and Environmental Applications. In: Handbook of Solvent, 2nd edition. Wypych, G. Ed. ChemTec Publishing, Toronto, Canada. ISBN 978-1-895198-65-2. Chapter 13.21.2. pp. 186-210. 2014.

Jessica A. Nanes, Yulin Xia, R. M. A. Priyanthi S. Dassanayake, An Li*, Rachael M. Jones, Christopher J. Stodgell, Cheryl Walker, Sara Szabo, Steve Leuthner, Maureen S. Durkin, Jack Moye, Richard K. Miller. Selected Persistent Organic Pollutants in Human Placental Tissue from the United States. Chemosphere. 106, 20-27. 2014.

Yonghong Zou, Erik R. Christensen, Wei Zheng, Hua Wei, An Li. Estimating Stepwise Debromination Pathways of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers with an Analogue Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm. Chemosphere, 114:187- 194. 2014.

Hua Wei, Yonghong Zou, An Li*, Erik R. Christensen, Karl J. Rockne. Photolytic debromination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in hexane by sunlight. Environmental Pollution, 174, 194-200. 2013

Yonghong Zou, Erik R. Christensen, An Li. Characteristic Pattern Analysis of PBDEs in Great Lakes Sediments: A Combination of Eigenspace Projection and PMF Analysis. Environmatrics. 24(1), 41-50. 2013.

Lixi Zeng, Ru Chen, Zongshan Zhao, Thanh Wang, Yan Gao, Yuguo Du, An Li, Yawei Wang*, and Guibin Jiang. Spatial Distributions and Deposition Chronology of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Marine Sediments across the Chinese Bohai and Yellow Seas. Environmental Science and Technology, 47, 11449-11456. 2013.

Ruiqiang Yang, Shujuan Zhang, An Li, Chuanyong Jing*, Guibin Jiang. Altitudinal and Spatial Signature of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Soil, Lichen, Conifer needle and Bark of the Southeast Tibetan Plateau: Implications for Sources and Environmental Cycling. Environmental Science and Technology, 47, 12736-12743. 2013.

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Personal Website: http://www.uic.edu/~anli

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