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Irina V Dardynskaia

Irina Dardynskaia

Research Associate Professor

Environmtl & Occuptnl Hlth Sci

558 Sphw, M/c 922
2121 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

Ph.D., Medical Institute of Minsk, 1984
M.D., Medical Institute of Minsk, 1975

Research Interests

Radiation medicine and radiation protection, epidemiological studies of health effects of radiation and chemical exposure on women and children. Health effects of in utero radiation and chemical exposure, in utero dose reconstruction

Teaching Interests

Radiation medicine and radiation protection. Health effects of radiation and chemical exposure on pregnant women and children.


 Bentsman J, Dardynskaia IV, Shadyro O, Pellegrinetti G, Blauwkamp R, Gloushonok G. Mathematical modeling and stochastic H(infinity) identification of the dynamics of the MF-influenced oxidation of hexane. Math Biosci. 2001 Feb;169(2):129-151.

 Irina Dardynskaia, Daniel Hryhorczuk, Lynn R. Anspaugh, Valeri T. Khrouch, Yuri Gavrilin, Sergei M. Shinkarev, and Oleg Dardynskiy . A longitudinal study of health effects of in utero radiation exposure from the Chernobyl accident. In: Sakharov Readings 2002. Ecological problems of the XXI century. Belarus Publishers May 17-21, 2002: 133-136.

J. Bentsman, I.V. Dardynskaia, O. Shadyro, G. Pellegrinetti, R. Blaukamp, G.Glushonok Modeling and identification of the dynamics of the MF-influenced free-radical transformations in lipid –modeling substances and lipids. In: Biomathematics, Modeling and simulation, edited by J C Misra ,Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2006

Dardynskaia I, Bakirov A, Hryhorczuk D, Gainullina M, Dardynskiy O, Alimbetova G. Reproductive outcomes study in workers with past exposure to dioxins at Ufa Khimprom Plant. Short Paper presented to the 24th International Symposium on Halogenated Environmental Organic Pollutants and POPs, Dioxin 2006, Oslo, Norway

Dardynskaia I, Imrey P, Okeanov A, Hryhorczuk D. Breast cancer trends in two oblasts of Belarus and the Chernobyl accident. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, Vol. 12, 4, 2006, pp 415-422

Dardynskaia IV, Okeanov AE, Petrenko SV, Dardynskiy OA, Kuvshinnikov AV, Slutski MA, Leushev BY. Effects of the ecologically related thyroid pathology on breast cancer incidence in women in Belarus Republic. In: Sakharov Readings 2005 “Environmental Problems of the XXI Century”, Minsk, 2005, pp 91-94.

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