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Daniel O Hryhorczuk

Daniel Hryhorczuk

Professor Emeritus

Environmtl & Occuptnl Hlth Sci

503 Sphw, M/c 922
2121 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

B.A., Northwestern Univ, 1972

Research Interests

(EOHS) Health effects of exposure to dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals, and ionizing radiation; global environmental and occupational health; pediatric environmental health. (E&B) Environmental stressors and maternal and child health in eastern Europe

Teaching Interests

Industrial toxicology; occupational and environmental epidemiology


Friedman LS, Lukyanova OM, Kundiev YI, Shkiryak Nizhnyk ZA, Chislovska NV, Mucha A, Zvinchuk AV, Oliynyk I, and Hryhorczuk D. Predictors of elevated blood lead levels among 3 year old Ukrainian children: a nested case control study. Environmental Research. 2005; 99:235-242.

Hryhorczuk D, Persky V, McCann K, Piorkowski J, Davis J, Moomey CM, Runkle KD, Saxer T, and Baughman T. Residential Mercury exposure from Gas Regulators. Environmental Health Perspectives, June, 2006.

Friedman LS, Lukyanova OM, Kundiev YI, Shkiryak Nizhnyk ZA, Chilsovska NV, Mucha A, Zvinchuk AV, Oliynyk I, Hryhorczuk D. Anthropometric, environmental, and dietary predictors of elevated blood cadmium levels in Ukrainian children. Environmental Research. 2006; May 24 (Epub ahead of print)

Pelka Mucha A, Hryhorczuk DO, Serdyuk AM, Nakonechny JJ, Zvinchuk A, Erday S, Candill M, and Scheff P. Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene as a biomarker of PAH exposure in three-year-old Ukrainian children. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2006; 114(4):603-9.

The Fogarty ITREOH Program: Promoting global environmental and occupational health through training and research (editorial). IJOEH 2006; 12(4):423-424

Dardynskaia I, Imrey PB, Okeanov A, Hryhorczuk D. Breast cancer trends in two oblasts of Belarus and the Chernobyl reactor accident. IJOEH 2006; 12(4):423-424

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