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Anthony T LoSasso

Anthony LoSasso


Health Policy & Administration

1603 West Taylor Street
1603 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

Ph.D., Indiana Univ Bloomington, 1996
M.A., Depaul Univ, 1993
BDO, Depaul Univ, 1991

Research Interests

Dimensions of health and labor economics and health services research.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy bringing my breadth of research on policy relevant topics into the classroom. My course, "Economics, Policy Analysis, and Program Evaluation," applies economic theory to the study of health care policy with an eye towards understanding the trade-


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Lo Sasso, Anthony T., Monica Shah, and Bianca K. Frogner, "The Effect of Consumer-Driven Health Plans on Service Utilization and Cost of Care: Implications for Small Versus Large Employers" Health Services Research 2010; 45(4):1041-1060.

Lo Sasso, Anthony T., and Ithai Z. Lurie, "Community Rating and the Market for Private Non-Group Health Insurance," Journal of Public Economics 2009;93(1-2): 264-279.

Lo Sasso, Anthony T., and Thomas C. Buchmueller, “The Effect of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program on Health Insurance Coverage,” Journal of Health Economics 2004;23:1059-1082.

Lo Sasso, Anthony T., Richard C. Lindrooth, Ithai Z. Lurie, and John S. Lyons, “Expanded Mental Health Benefits and Outpatient Treatment Intensity,” Medical Care 2006;44(4):366-372.

Buchmueller, Thomas C., Richard W. Johnson, and Anthony T. Lo Sasso, "Employer Sponsored Retiree Health Benefits: Recent Trends in Employer Offer Rates, Generosity and Cost-Sharing," Health Affairs 2006;25(6):1507-1516.

Buchmueller, Thomas C., Anthony T. Lo Sasso, Ithai Z. Lurie, and Sarah Senesky, "Immigrants and Employer-Provided Health Insurance," Health Services Research 2007;42(1):286-310.

Lo Sasso, Anthony T., Michael R. Richards, Chiu-Fang Chou, and Susan E. Gerber, "The $16,819 Pay Gap For Newly Trained Physicians: The Unexplained Trend Of Men Earning More Than Women," Health Affairs 2011;30(2):193-201.

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Curriculum Vitae: http://tigger.uic.edu/~losasso/Losassocv.pdf

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