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Leslie T Stayner

Leslie Stayner



971 Sphpi, M/c 923
1603 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

Ph.D., Univ N Carolina Chapel Hill, 1989
M.S., Harvard Univ, 1980
     Environmental Health
M.S., Harvard Univ, 1980
     Environmental Health
A.B., U of Massachusetts Boston, 1977

Research Interests

Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, Epidemiologic Methods, Risk Assessment, Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

Teaching Interests

Epidemiologic Methods, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology


 Stayner L, Smith R, Bailer J, Luebeck EG and Moolgavkar SH. Modeling epidemiologic studies of occupational cohorts for the quantitative assessment of carcinogenic hazards. Am J Ind Med, 1995:27;155-70.

 Stayner LT, Smith R, Bailer J, Gilbert S, Steenland K, Dement J, Brown D and Lemen R. Exposure-Response Analysis of Respiratory Disease Risk Associated with Occupational Exposure to Chrysotile Asbestos. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 1997; 54:646-652.

 Stayner L, Steenland K, Dosemici M and Hertz-Piccioto I. Attenuation of exposure-response curves in occupational cohort studies at high exposures. Scand J Work Environ Health 2003;29(4):317-24.

 Stayner L, Steenland K, Greife A, Hornung R, Nowlin S, Morawetz J, Ringenburg V, Elliot L, Hayes R, and Halperin W. An exposure-response analysis of cancer mortality among a cohort of workers exposed to ethylene oxide. Am J of Epid, 1993:138(10);787-98.

Park RM, Ahn YS, Stayner LT, Kang SK and Jang JK. Mortality of iron and steelworkers in South Korea. Am J Ind Med 2005;48:194-204.

Park RM, Stayner LT. A search for thresholds and other nonlinearities in the relationship between hexavalent chromium and lung cancer. Risk Analysis 2006;26(1):79-87.

Ahn YS, Park RM, Stayner L, Kang SK, Jang JK. Cancer morbidity in iron and steel workers in Korea. 2006 Aug;49(8):647-57.

Boffetta P and Stayner LT. Pleural and peritoneal neoplasms. Third Edition. Edited by: D Schottenfeld and JF Fraumeni Jr. Oxford University Press, New York, 2006;pp-659-673.

Stayner LT, Boffetta P and Vainio H. Risk assessment of carcinogenic hazards. Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Third Edition. Edited by: D Schottenfeld and JF Fraumeni Jr. Oxford University Press, New York, 2006;pp-65-69.

Joslin CE, Tu EY, McMahon TT, Passaro DJ, Stayner LT and Sugar J. Epidemiological characteristics of a Chicago-area Acanthamoeba keratitis outbreak. Am J Ophthalmol. 2006 Aug;142(2):212-7.

Stayner L. Silica and Lung Cancer: When is Enough Evidence Enough? Invited Commentary in Epidemiology, Epidemiology 2007;18(1):23.

Stayner L, Bena J, Sasco A, Smith R, Steenland K, Kreuzer M and Straif K. Lung cancer risk and workplace exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. 2007 Mar;97(3):545-51.

Recent Honors and Awards

2012, National Fellows: Other
2012, National Fellows: Other
2003, National Fellows: American College of Epidemiology

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