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Susan N Buchanan

Susan Buchanan

Clinical Associate Professor

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

835 S. Wolcott
835 S. Wolcott Ave
Chicago, IL 60612

Research Interests

Occupational and environmental health; reproductive environmental health; children's environmental health


Patel M, Williamson R, Dorevitch S, Buchanan S. Pilot study investigating the effect of the static magnetic field from a 9.4 Tesla MRI on the Vestibular System. J Occ Environ Med 2008; 50(5):576-583.

Buchanan S, Evens A, Buckley C, Friedman L. Street corner hazard surveillance and health intervention among Chicago day laborers. Arch of Env Occ Health;63(1):9-12.

Buchanan S, Nickels L, Morello J. Occupational health among Chicago day laborers: An exploratory study. Arch of Environ Occup Health Sep- Oct 2005;60(5):276-280(Copyright 2006) Buchanan S, Krantz A, Klempner S, Alvarado R, Wesseling C, Fernandez E, Frost L. Use of a national reporting system for occupational injury in Costa Rica. Int Journal Occ Env Health 2006;12:142-146 Erdal S, Buchanan S. A quantitative look at fluoride exposure and intake in children using a health risk assessment approach. Environ Health Perspect 2005;113:111-117 Buchanan S. Day labor and occupational health: Time to take a closer look. New Solutions. 2004;14:253-260

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