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Daniel Swartzman

Daniel Swartzman

Associate Professor Emeritus

Health Policy & Administration

785 Sphpi, M/c 923
1603 W. Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60612

Academic Background

JD, Northwestern Univ, 1975
MPH, Univ of Ill at Chicago Hlth Sc, 1978
     Environmental Health
A.B., Univ of Washington-Seattle, 1972

Research Interests

Public health ethics, public health management, law and policy

Teaching Interests

Social ethics & public health, public health management, law & public health


Swartzman, D. and R. Sewell, Principles of Management in Public Health (Jossey-Bass, to be published 2010).

Swartzman, D., "Ethics," in R. Mullner (ed.), Encyclopedia of Health Services Research, Sage Publications (in press).

D. Swartzman, "The Ethics of Community-Based Collaborative Research: Definitions and Challenges," in Leadership in Public Health, v. 6, no. 3, Summer 2003, pp. 21-25.

Swartzman, D. and K. G. Croke, "Implications of Safe Buildings Alliance v. E.P.A.: AHERA Is Upheld and Toxics Control Receives a New Look," National Asbestos Council Journal, v. 6, pp. 19-29 (Fall 1988).

Christoffel, T. and D. Swartzman, "Nuclear Weapons Testing Fallout: Proving Causation for Exposure Injury in Court," American Journal of Public Health, v. 76, pp. 290-292 (1986).

Swartzman, D. and T. Christoffel, "Allen v. The United States of America: The 'Substantial' Connection Between Nuclear Fallout and Cancer," Touro Law Review, 1: 29-55 (1985).

Swartzman, D., R. Liroff and K. G. Croke (eds.), Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Regulations: Politics, Ethics and Methods, The Conservation Foundation: Washington, D.C. (1982).

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