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UIC School of Public Health faculty have long been part of the local, national and international conversation. They continue to break new ground as researchers, accomplished authors, engaging teachers, community leaders and advocates. Their influence extends far beyond their role as educators; they are improving people's lives in Chicago and around the world.

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Kaplan, Susan
Research Assistant Professor
312-355-0738 kaplans@uic.edu
Kaste, Linda
Departmental Affiliate
312-996-5724 kaste@uic.edu
Keil, Charles
Adjunct Professor
Kelleher, Patricia
Adjunct Assistant Professor
312-996-8857 kelleher@uic.edu
Kelley, Michele
Associate Professor
312-413-3225 makelley@uic.edu
Kennelly, Joan
Research Assistant Professor
312-996-5752 kennelly@uic.edu
Kenski, Donna
Adjunct Associate Professor
312-996-8857 kenski@uic.edu
Khanna, Prerna
Departmental Affiliate
Kim, Sage
Associate Professor
312-413-3544 skim49@uic.edu
Kim, Yoon Sang
312-413-7596 ykim96@uic.edu
Klein-Banai, Cynthia
Adjunct Assistant Professor
312-996-3968 cindy@uic.edu
Kling, William
Clinical Assistant Professor
Koehler, Jennifer
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Koetting, Michael
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Konda, Sreenivas
VST Clinical Assistant Professor
312-996-4707 konda@uic.edu
Krantz, Anne
Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
312-633-5310 akrantz@uic.edu
Kravitz, Howard
Adjunct Professor
312-996-8860 howard@uic.edu
Krishnan, Jerry
312-413-0637 jakris@uic.edu
Kuhns, Lisa
Adjunct Associate Professor
312-413-2868 lisak@uic.edu
Kviz, Frederick
Professor Emeritus
312-996-4889 fkviz@uic.edu

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