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We are pleased to present the SPH 2013 Annual Report. Within the report, we have included divisional highlights, faculty profiles featured on the research section of the School of Public Health website, activities of the Office of Research Services, listing of current awarded sponsored activities, faculty publications, community maps, and listing of our formal and informal collaborators. We hope you find it to be informative!

Interested in learning more about current sponsored activities in the School of Public Health?

Funded research, service, and training projects starting from FY2010 to the present are searchable by keyword or name of SPH investigator. To better conduct your search, you may:

a) type in the keyword(s) to see the current projects - then select the abstract of interest.



b) select the name of a SPH investigator to review their current projects - then select the abstract of interest.

Each abstract provides information on the title of the project, name of sponsor, project period, abstract/scope of work, and email of the principal investigator (PI).








Sponsored Activities